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South India has an incredibly rich & vibrant culture, where food has a distinct presence on the culinary map of India. However, for most, the cuisine starts and ends with Dosa and Sambhar – which in fact comprises merely a small fraction of the entire cuisine. Vanakkam and welcome to Amma’s Haus – a gourmet delivery brand focused on bringing to your doorstep popular, yet traditional flavours exclusively from the South. Amma’s Haus translates to ‘mother’s house’, which is inspired by simple, yet flavoursome style of homemade food prevalent in South India. Focused on the 6 southern states of Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka – our menu will consist of both the familiar and the experimental; all of which we hope will prove to be a memorable experience.

Our menu is an amalgamation of these principles and was created after conducting comprehensive food trials for over a year. Each of our chefs specialize in a cuisine specific to a region in South India to ensure our dishes retain their authentic blend of aromatic spices, flavours and ingredients.As with all our gourmet delivery brands – we follow strict policies for hygiene, continuous monitoring of quality of produce & ensure the clear distinction between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

AMMA’S HAUS is brought to you by the delivery specialist behind Asian Haus, Sushi Haus & Dilli Haus – we hope you enjoy this culinary journey across the southern states, right in your ‘haus’!

Happy Eating!
Amma’s Haus is a subsidiary of FOODCRAFT

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